Twin Flame Runner: Princess In Shining Armor

​In some fairy tales it is the Princess whom is the hero and the Prince who is in need of a miracle

Twin Flame Fairytale

Once upon a time, in the book Verde Prato by Giambattista Basille, a stunningly beautiful young princess, whose name is Nella, was having a secret affair with a handsome prince who lived many miles away. The two lovers built a glass tunnel that ran under the ground—from the prince’s castle into the princess’s bedroom. Every night the prince ran through the tunnel butt-naked at top-speed to ‘spend time’ with his young princess.

Nella’s two sisters, who were ugly and evil, learned of the affair and smashed the glass tunnel. That night, the prince was running so fast to reach his young lover that he didn’t see the broken glass, and because he was butt naked, the skin all over his body was sliced to ribbons. Unfortunately, the glass that cut him was enchanted, so his wounds would not heal. The prince’s father vowed that the woman who can find a remedy for the enchanted wounds will be the prince’s wife.


Nella was heartbroken upon hearing of her mortally wounded prince, and went out into the wild to find a remedy that could heal him. Luckily, she overheard two ogres telling each other that the only thing in the whole world that will heal the prince is to smear the fat from their own bodies all over the prince. Nella, pretended to be lost in the woods, and begged the ogres to let her into their house. The ogre husband, fancying a bit of human flesh, let her in eagerly but sadly he drank so much alcohol that he passed out before he could to consume her.

Nella quickly got to work and slaughtered him then collected all the fat from his body in a bucket. She then rubs dirt all over her face to disguise herself and made her way to the  palace of her beloved prince. She smeared the fat into the prince’s wounds, while he slept, and he became healed as if by magic. She revealed her identity and the marriage is swiftly arranged. And her sisters? They are burned alive of course.


Twin Flame Runner

Twin flames are often faced with tumultuous circumstances in their relationship. Often one of them runs while the other, spiritually awakened, suffers the most intense and isolating pain imaginable. It is not something the twin does capriciously though. And a call for compassion is in order. The runner is also fighting a battle of his own. He is busy slaying the demons of his past relationships, childhood and self-esteem.

Your twin flame, male or female, may out and out reject you, tell you they do not love you, call you crazy yet their actions time and time again show an enormous amount of love and a refusal to let you go from their life. It can be agony being in friendzone land, or unrequited hell. It is so much worse when you see their love is plainly there, but they are frozen with fear. Their fear comes from the possibility that you will reject them or humiliate them once they open their soul to you.

It can be the most devastating feeling to them to show you how vulnerable you make them feel. But this is the hallmark of a God designed relationship. God requires us to take off our masks. Just like to god we cannot hide who we are, well neither can we to our twin flame. However, this is the most beautiful facet of the diamond of our relationship. For a twin flame loves you for all of your flaws and imperfections and they revel in the joy of helping you heal them.

Help! Single Christian Dating

But can a woman help him heal? What does it take to endure to the end and bring about holy union?  In this day and age many times it is the woman who must be brave and strong and fight off the evil adversaries lurking to destroy the man she loves and devour their relationship. Women must stand firm, and not cower, but stretch out our wands of power and cast the demons back to Hell!

Our men are battle weary, and are our front line of protection, but have become wounded warriors from decades of assault. Women, we need to stop fighting each other with petty jealousy and hatred. We need to look inward, and channel our Goddess power to be the healers of our valiant soldiers.

Twin Flame Love Psychic

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Blessed Be and Sugar Cookie Smiles! I love you!






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