Mystic Mama & Clairvoyant Christian

​​Hi! My name is Ostara and I am a Barefoot Christian. To me that means I have a profound love for Jesus Christ and I believe and live by the Word of God. But I also am a bit of a Hippie and love Mermaids, Astral Travel, Crystals, Energy Healing, Fairies, Ancient World Religions. I am a Christ filled Mystic Mama!   

I work as a Life Coach, Angel Prophetess and Aromatherapist. Follow my youtube channel Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel for prophetic and tarot readings and life coach inspiration. I discuss astral travel, angels, Holy Spirit Goddess, developing your intuition and of course monthly Oracle readings. 

My Story

During a time of healing and cathartic book writing stemming from my divorce, I had a spiritual metamorphosis from Christian of 35 years to a Christian Witch!

I learned alot and grew wiser and more compassionate for the world around me. However,  I learned that true magic flows from God and herbalism is just a bandaid. I sought deeper answers and it led me back to the Holy Bible. 

As I sought spiritual answers in the Bible for my depression and divorce, the Goddess Holy Spirit suddenly stepped forward and revealed Herself to me.

 As time went on I began to understand all of the spiritual gifts, shamanic shape shifting, astral travel and clairvoyance that had been passed down to me from generations of women in my family.

  I learned that in spite of all the amazing things I discovered about the universe nothing can compare to my walk with Jesus Christ. 
My mission with this blog is to share my love of God in both divine masculine and feminine terms. I am journaling my evolution and continued quest to be an Earth Angel and share the Light of God and Goddess in the world.
Definitions of My Faith

I personally define myself as me. I chose not to label myself with an religious connotations.  I believe in Holy Spirit as Goddess so to Christians that might make me a bit off beat, but I believe that God is comprised of all energy, both male and female.  As a woman I love to work with the Goddess energy but life is about balance.  So,  I also have a deep fellowship with Jesus Christ. No matter what other people say to define me; I prefer to simply say I AM THAT I AM!

Professional History

In my professional career I have been a nursing assistant of fifteen years, healthcare administrative assistant, sales professional, substance abuse specialist and mental health aide for over seven years.  I have assisted men and women who are working through drug addiction, physical and sexual abuse, traumas and may have committed crimes. The womens programs I worked in I also assisted mothers in becoming better parents. So I am a trained divine midwife who has helped rebirth hundreds of women into new lives! 

  I am currently in the process of publishing my first book. I  have dedicated this blog to my pursuit of Godde.   I will update daily with my spiritual growth, christian mystic experiences and shamanistic enlightenment.

I will also be adding various chapters from my book  The Baby Mama’s Guide: From Slave Girl to Glorious Queen. In stores near you Spring 2017!

I hope you enjoy the ride!!!!

If you would like to consult Ostara for Angel Tarot or Oracle medium psychic readings, freelance writing, product advertising on her blog, crystal elixirs, healing and abundance spells, or speaking engagements on Christian Witchcraft, Universal Healing or Angel Oracle Workshops,  please email her at for appointment times and payment information.

tarot me

Love & Light your way!

Brightest Blessings to all,

Ostara the Good!




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