Archangel Career Oracle 

Im very excited to announce my new career scope angel readings. I love the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards. 

I was born with the gift of prophecy and as a small child communicated with Angels and predicted future events. I have worked as a Prophetess in church and have been a private spiritual counselor for over 15 years. 

All divination works from the law of attraction. I pray to God and ask your guardian angels to allow the right card to magnetically be attracted to your questions and needs. 

As I shuffle and meditate on your question a card pops up. I accept each card that way as guidance from your angels. I am a Christian reader but I respect all paths. The Mother Holy Spirit guides me in giving you a specific detailed reading, often without you asking your question out loud. 

Your angels watch over you daily and so they already know your needs or fears. There are times I begin giving you a reading before I draw the cards. Some people are very open to their angels and being relaxed and open help the reading to the point cards may be incidental. 

There are times your angels will show themselves to me physically. I don’t see them all of the time. I notice that people in deep distress, life changes or facing physical illness have angels that show themselves to me. 

Twin flame Tarot Reading

I also will at times glean information about those crossed over. I am claircognizant as well as clairsentient and so sudden information, visions, thoughts, feelings, smells or sounds will become a message to me for you. 

Just like you I am often amazed at my accuracy. I have given guidance to business owners, politicians and actors in Hollywood. God has just made such meetings so and are done with complete privacy and confidentiality. 

I have a background as a mental health professional and nurse. As a spiritual life coach I feel it is my ethical responsibility to keep all readings absolutely private unless given permission for discussion on my blog or promotion. 

If you would like to book an Oracle or tarot reading then call me at 352-415-5674. I offer career readings for $50 for a 60 minute phone session. And the fabulous 30 card year reading for $75!  

For your career reading you receive unlimited questions, and many decks will be used. If you elect an email reading pictures of the cards and a detailed typed explanation of five pages will be sent, 10 for a yearly.

Angel love and twin flame readings are only $35 for a thirty minute reading. Email 3 pages. 

Call today for an appointment! 

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Candy Cane Kisses & Wintry Wishes 

I love you, Ostara


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