Come on in and sit a spell! This is the home of the Good Hippie, where all barefoot Christians are welcome! My name is Ostara and I’m a real hippie, born and raised! But I was also raised as a Christian too. So what exactly is a Christian Hippie? Maybe you’re one and just don’t know it?

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Ten Signs You’re A Christian Hippie

  1. You walk barefoot alot
  2. You spend time in nature to recharge, and might even love fairies, unicorns, dragons, and knights in big castles. (Game of Throne fans….HELLO!)
  3. You love Jesus Christ with all of your heart and maybe secretly you hope one day you will walk on water. lol! You definitely want to heal the sick.
  4. You have been told you are psychic, or are prophetic, or you just love the mystical; especially astrology and possibly even tarot intrigues you.
  5. You are attracted to people like this even if you are a straight arrow; you do not hate any religious group or those of various sexual orientations.
  6. You buck convention alot, and though you follow God’s law, you tend to break away from strict organizational groups and follow your own heart.
  7. You make your own clothes (or want to) and recycle.
  8.  You grow your own food, or shop local farmers markets, and are very health conscious
  9. You have a whimsical sense of humor and forgive easily
  10. You love long hair, full beards, loose clothing and freedom.

If any of this applies welcome, you’ve found your way home! Let’s have some fun shall we? This blog will post about my barefoot walk with Jesus, and my hippie-go-lucky christian life. I will also write about my studies of bible scriptures for discussion about the magical side of Christ and the bible.